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E Commerce

Andrea Cummerfield

Love to buy online, love to teach online

about me

With over 14 years in the print and advertising industries, Andrea has gained considerable experience in marketing and things interweby. For the last 6 years Andrea has run 2 successful ecommerce businesses and at the same time raised 2 beautiful kids. There is nothing like learning the murky and bewildering world of ecommerce through actually doing it! She has a ton to offer our ecommerce clients with such things as social media expertise, blogging and the importance there of, structuring effective email marketing campaigns and much more. If that wasn't enough she has opened a kid's retail store and manages to fit all of this in a 24 hour day.

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The results of the 2016 Quantitative Local SEO Ranking Factors Study were presented recently, helping marketers and business owners to better target their optimisation resources.

web design

How much do I need to pay to get a website built?

If I had a dollar for every time I'd been asked this when someone finds out what it is I do for a living then i'd be a rich man.