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jargon and gluten free

our web design process

Our web designers in Tauranga pride ourselves with our simple and stress free approach to building the website of your dreams. We keep it simple with no tech speak and no more "what the heck ?" moments!

our process

idea and quote

We'll have a brief discussion with you about what you want to achieve from your new website.  We think this part is pretty important as it will form the basis for the estimate we put together.

getting to know you

During this phase of the process we are trying to get a quick overview of your business and what you think makes your business special. We are looking for those little gems of info that give customers a real sense of what it is your business stands for.

a bit of knowledge

We like to think we know a thing or two about what makes a great website. While we are shooting the breeze with you, we share what we know about the latest trends, what works and what doesn't and get a feel for how far you want to push you new website.

estimating on the spot

Often during this initial catch up we can give you an indication of how much your website is going to cost. Remember its an indication at this stage as we find that our clients really get excited at whats possible and the wish list can get bigger and bigger!

quote for clarity

When you get your quote we will have outlined all of the key requirements for your new site. We will specify who does what (yes, you will have stuff to do) and all of the associated website hosting and monthly fees that there might be. When you accept the quote we ask for 50% of the quote up front.

our process

strategy and design

Once the quote is approved we start the web design strategy process. Often we'll put together a brand strategy document to get clarity on your business before we start on a look and feel for your new website.

brand strategy

Your brand is more than your logo, — it’s really the way your customers feel about your company, product or service. Its our job to help you find what your brand strategy should be, and apply those learnings to your website design. We have found most small to medium businesses have no idea what makes them stand out from the crowd. During the brand strategy we will help you identify what makes you special.

design and creative

Once the strategy is set we make a start on your design. We come up with a colour palette and font choice. We will work out what specific call to actions you need for your site and what type of imagery will best suit the design style. We will provide a home page mock-up which will form the basis of the style guide for the rest of the website. We like to involve you during this phase so we may ask you to provide us with sites you like out there in the world wide web.

our process

build it and feedback time

We use technology that allows us to go from concept to working prototype as we go along. This gives you a chance to see your website in action and provide us with feedback.

Build as we go

Part of our secret sauce is that we don't need programmers to help our designers build your site. There are plenty of old school web development companies out there who have over 50% of their costs tied up in programmers and developers. Without this cost we have more budget to dedicate to strategy and design.

custom build

We don't use templates to create your website. We build them from scratch. Often the price allure of a template based websites are quickly forgotten when you find out it costs a bomb to customise it to suit your business requirements. Our sites are built in HTML 5 (sorry, a bit of jargon slipped in!), but you just need to know its the latest and the best code to build a great mobile friendly websites.

feedback - We love it

Once you approve the initial concept home page we move to building your live website. You will be sent a link and will be able to check our progress every step of the way. Since our platform allows us to design and create code along the way you will be asked to give frequent feedback on your live website. We can often make changes over the phone and you can see the result straight away.

our process

finalise then go live

Our Tauranga web design team get your feedback and finalise the design and content. We sort out the website's SEO requirements and make sure it is mobile friendly and all the links work correctly.

SEO helps you get seen

We work with a great SEO ( get you found on Google ) company called Write Ahead. During the quoting process we can get you pricing on SEO that will make sure your website attracts as much business as possible. We work great together ensuring you the best possible outcome for your new website.

hosting services

Our platform includes hosting and CMS (see below for what CMS means) options. We can organise your domain if you don't have one already or we will set up the redirects from your old website to your new.

CMS what the heck is that?

CMS stands for Content Management System. This is one of the main reason why you will never regret using What the Heck to build your site. Our CMS allows you to edit practically every part of your new website. Images, text, logos and lots more. It is a very simple system that is practically foolproof.